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Homefashion Luzern 22.-23. August im Atelier Ballalah an der Steinenstrasse

Homefashion - ganz privat und ohne enge Umkleidekabine, verbunden mit einem Glas Wein und genussvollen Häppchen  – gemeinsam eine kurze Weile haben, quatschen und miteinander Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand spielen. Natürlich in Anwesenheit von Rita Maria Thoma, der Gründerin und Kreateurin von RIMANICA.

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Our Mission

Welcome to my atelier. A wide and bright room that points out to a wonderful sight on the Alta Langa’s panorama. This vastness is my main inspiration to create individual clothing.

I get most of the material from Italian producers, paying much attention on excellent quality and beautiful design from which I will create a unique piece of clothing- unica out of „rimanica“. Each and every piece can be adjusted to acquire the individual touch of the customer.

I see myself as a creator: the process can be influenced in different ways, but there is always an interaction between myself, the product and the customer who will wear the piece – wear it for a long time: rima=rimanere out of rimanica, which means „to stay“. The clothing industry, as everyone knows, lives of buying, throwing away, buying again, and so on… although prices can be very high, quality is not necessarily the main goal for them.

My philosophy goes in the opposite direction: the piece should show its creative and handmade value in the end.

What happens if a beloved dress doesn’t fit anymore, or if it has become boring? Since I concentrate on durability and high quality, I offer – on regular occasions- upcycling events, where from old, new is created. The participants will commit a creative act – artisan’s work (mani=hands out of rimanica).

My second project is called FugitiveBag, made by the hands of a fugitive for our small escapes from every day life: practical bags, backpacks and vanity bags, so we can always have our most important things with us. 10% of the profit, go to refugee-aid organisations.